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Graffiti Removal in Bristol

If you're looking for a top quality graffiti removal service in Bristol, the writings on the wall.

We understand the negative impact graffiti can have on your business in Bristol. It can be off-putting for customer and demoralizing for your employees. That's why we offer a speedy graffiti removal service, as well as methods of preventing graffiti from damaging your buildings. Have a look at the links below to find out more.

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The method of graffiti removal employed by us in Bristol is one of first applying a product to break down the paint, where possible environmentally friendly and biodegradable products are preferred. The affected surface is then washed with pressurised hot water to remove the product and the dissolved paint.

Secondly, once the paint product has been removed a ‘shadow’ or ‘ghost’ may remain, this is the residue of pigment from the paint that has been absorbed by the substrate, this is then removed by use of an alkaline shadow lifting product, and once again washed with hot water. The substrate is then washed with an acid stone wash to neutralise any product, and stabilise the pH. If any graffiti remains after both these methods have been used, then it may be necessary to employ one, or both of the following methods:-

Media Blasting

This method uses bicarbonate of soda media powder to gently blast away paint products from the surface of the substrate, a similar procedure to sand blasting, but less abrasive.

Oxidising Poultice

This is a method of applying a solution held in a paste form, to the substrate. The reason for the paste is to ensure that the solution is in contact with the surface for a prolonged period and does not dry out. The poultice is left for up to 24 hours, while it oxidises the pigment from the paint before being removed, again with hot water.

Anti graffiti coatings are products that prevent paint from penetrating into the surface of the substrate, making subsequent graffiti removal easier, and therefore more cost effective.There are two basic types of Anti graffiti coating; these are:

Sacrificial Coating

Sacrificial Coating is applied by brush or spray and forms a invisible coat on the substrate, if graffiti is applied, it is removed along with the coating from the affected area with the use of a mild chemical and hot water washing. The affected area is then recoated.

Permanent coating

Permanent coating is again applied by brush or spray, but will leave the surface with a slight sheen. Any applied graffiti can be removed, sometimes with just warm pressurised water. The permanent coating is especially suitable for painted surfaces, and does not need re-applying after graffiti is removed.

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