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Carpet Cleaning Services in Bristol

Avoid replacing your carpet.

Here at B&S Cleaning, we use the latest technology for carpet cleaning and removing stains in domestic and commercial properties in and around Bristol. With a variety of different methods to choose from including hot water extraction, dry fusion extraction and absorbent powder cleaning, we are guaranteed to create the results that you need.

Our service can be tailored to your individual requirements, and our highly trained team will advise you on which method will be most effective for your situation.

  • Cleaning Methods
  • Cleaning Additives
  • Maintenance

Hot Water Extraction

This method, commonly know as steam cleaning, although no actual steam is used, is the most widely used method of carpet cleaning.

Firstly a detergent is sprayed onto the carpet and worked into the pile by use of an agitator brush, after adequate dwell time the area is passed over with the cleaning tool, this sprays hot water and cleaning/ conditioning solution into the carpet and immediately extracts it by use of a powerful vacuum along with the soil from the carpet. Because of the mechanical action and the high suction from the vacuum, hot water extraction is the most thorough cleaning method for carpets, removing soil from deep in the carpet pile.

For very heavily soiled carpets shampooing may be required. This is usually done in conjunction with hot water extraction. A high foam shampoo is applied to the carpet using a rotary machine, this releases the soil from the carpet prior to extraction cleaning.

Dry Fusion Extraction Cleaning

Also referred to as Bonnet Buffing. Carpets are lightly sprayed with a low VOC solution that releases stains and soil from the carpet. The area is then passed over several times using a rotary machine fitted with an absorbent bonnet pad. The cleaning formula, along with the dirt is absorbed by the pad, which is subsequently washed and re-used. Due to the low moisture content this method can be used without taking the cleaned area out of use for long periods, thus it is ideal for routine maintenance of carpets. Bonnet buffing is also excellent for use on short pile carpets.

Absorbent Powder Cleaning

Also called Carpet Sponges, this method involves brushing a powder compound, impregnated with cleaning solution into the carpet pile using a special cylindrical brush. The carpet cleaning solution releases dirt and stains from the carpet that then attach to the powder compound. When the compound is dry the powder is removed along with the dirt by means of vacuuming. Areas to be cleaned need not be taken out of use whilst cleaning, making this method very useful for maintenance cleaning. Suitable for short or longer pile carpets.

Cleaning & Deodorising Additives

Many additives are available to add to cleaning solutions, or to be applied to the carpet after cleaning .They range from conditioning products to make wool carpets softer after cleaning, to deodorising products, used to removed odours left by pets or smoking etc. If you have any requirements for additives please discuss this with the representative when they call to carry out your survey.

PerCarpet Maintenance

This is carried out on a regular basis to insure your carpet always look their best. The frequency of maintenance will depend on traffic levels, for example a reception area may need cleaning monthly, whereas a periodically used meeting room may only need cleaning 6 monthly. At B&S we offer a full maintenance planning service. Please feel free to contact one of our team to discuss your carpet maintenance needs.

Experts in Fabric Cleaning

With over 40 years’ experience, we have gained an outstanding reputation for the high quality of work that we provide, as well as our excellent customer service. Our staff are trained in all aspects of carpet cleaning, ensuring that your property will be cleaned thoroughly with no damage to your carpet.

As members of the NCCA, we guarantee that you will receive the best service in the area, resulting in a property cleaned to impress. We also offer a maintenance service catered to your needs to ensure that your carpets are regularly being looked after.

If you would like more information on our services, or want to talk to an expert member of our team, please call us on 0117 966 3162 or fill in our enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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